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"Thanks for all your help. We passed our assessment. The assessor was well impressed with the layout and presentation of our management system."

Metal recycling company

"Our major client carried out a supplier audit last week. Their quality auditor said he was surprised that for such a young company, we had such a clear and enlightened approach to quality. He remarked that our quality management system was the best he had seen. The up-shot is that we are now working together to do more for them and for their other sites throughout the UK."

Consumable supplier to industry

"Our assessment went without a hitch, thanks to the support we had from Business Partners. We will be looking to implement ISO14000 in the future and will be back in touch."

Plant hire company

"I am very pleased to tell you that we have been recommended for certification to ISO9000. I would also like to inform you that the assessor commented on the professionalism in the way that both the Quality Policy and the procedures had been written."

Building company

"We are great advocates of TS at IRN and will use this standard to drive all aspects of our operation to achieve Business Excellence. I have worked with Lloyds (our assessing body) and Peter Stokes for many years. Their approach has added great value to our management system."

Semiconductor manufacturer

"... In closing, we would like to compliment Peter Stokes on his thorough and professional audit style. His visit was a 'value-added' experience, and we look forward to working with him in the future."

International tyre design centre, USA

"We would like to thank you, Peter for all your help, we couldn't have achieved it without you."

Telecomms system installers

"We were delighted at obtaining registration first time (to ISO9000) and we feel as a Company we can now only go forward."

Commercial & military vehicle maintenance company

"Guess what, we had our assessment yesterday and we've been recommended for certification. I was surprised that we had made so many improvements."

Chemical blenders

"... Our assessor was very complimentary about the clear layout of our Quality Manual. We are justifiably proud of the efforts put in by all our staff and the assistance we received from yourself. We would have no hesitation in recommending your service."


"We appreciate your help - the opportunities you found during the review enabled us to make continuous improvements to our system and process, and these derived from your excellent knowledge, skill and experience."

Electonics manufacturing JV - US/China

"We appreciate very much your input. Thanks...take care."

Semiconductor assembly plant