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ISO9001 Quality Management System, Implementation, SME

Business Partners Consultancy Ltd assist companies to implement Quality Management Systems to ISO9001 and similar standards. The assistance offered varies from training, hands-on preparation of a quality manual, process and procedure writing, design of systems, forms and reporting methods, chairing meetings etc throughout the term of the project. A typical implementation project for a small to medium enterprise up to 25 employees may cover all of these activities.

It is our experience, that smaller companies with dynamic management teams lack the time and resources to learn how to do it themselves and to then find the time to develop and write their own quality manuals and QMS process plans. Business Partners will usually take the lead on this and hand-hold the client through the process up to a successful certification. The processes and procedures developed will be built around the client’s own working practices and management style. We will of course recommend improvements and develop simple working practices with you to address any shortcomings against the ISO 9001 (or other chosen standard). Documentation developed may be used in written paper format or processed electronically depending on the client’s preference.

The typical stages in developing a lean and ISO9001 conformant quality management system (QMS)

  • Develop a policy statement with the client management
  • Prepare a top-level Quality Manual showing the business processes and how they inter-relate to each other
  • Develop (with client’s team) process plans with defined quality checks and assurances to meet ISO9001
  • Agree the procedures required to manage the QMS in line with ISO9001 requirements
  • Assist the client to develop process and system objectives
  • Instruct client in use of simple analysis tools for measuring performance and to drive continuous improvements.
  • Facilitate the introduction of any changes required to meet requirements of the standard
  • Provide Internal Quality Audit training for the client’s chosen audit team
  • Chair the first management review meeting and provide a model for future reviews
  • Provide guidance up to successful assessment by an independent assessment body.

Business Partners are flexible in their approach to developing systems and if clients would like to do more of the work themselves, we are happy to accommodate this and take a lesser role. It is our philosophy to work with clients to develop the best approach to a successful project outcome. We do not try to shoe-horn pre-prepared processes and procedures in to your business. We will tailor our approach to meet your needs.

ISO9001:2008 is the current version of the quality management system standard and supersedes previous versions including ISO9001:2000, ISO9002. ISO9004 provides additional information on how to obtain lasting business benefit from the ISO9000 approach. (Certification of quality management systems is conducted against ISO9001:2008)